Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little about this week

Hello all. So this is the blog I have started for Ben and I to post things on. I don't love the background but I am having trouble putting one on that I do love.

Any how here is a little about what happened this week.

Tuesday and Thursday I got to babysit Tafton.

On Friday I finally got a project done I had wanted to do for a while. The below picture frames started out with boring gray interiors. The small square was a darker gray and the larger was a light gray. I bought $2 worth of craft paper and made these. They tie in all the colors in out living room. Now I just have to get all the pics to go in them.

After I got done with those I realize why I don't do many crafts. They took just under four hours to get done and hung on the wall.

Well that is just about all we did this week.