Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its a bird, its a plane no waits its......

Our Thank You Cards!!!!!

Finally I know. 80) I feel so happy to have these finally done. Not the pic below, it is a reminder to do our notes..... yeah look at the date. August 7th. It is still on the fridge but now I get to scrub it off that white board.

So some of you may see a thank you note in the mail soon. I'm just happy I was able to finally get them sent off and let people know we are really thankful for all the gifts.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wonderful Christmas

Hello all. So Ben and I had were able to have a wonderful First Christmas together. We both worked Christmas Eve and spent that night here at our apartment. Christmas morning we woke up and went up to Ben's parents house to exchange presents. As we left the house we were greeted by a bad snow storm.

We were scheduled to leave salt lake city at about 445pm but because of the storm we hopped onto an early fight. We arrived into phoenix at abt 5pm and went over to our Aunt Janet and Uncle Scott house for dinner and to see a number of our cousins. The house is beautiful and large enough to contain all of us.

We were able to meet some of our cousins new babies and just spend time hanging out with everyone.
We flew out Sunday morning back to Utah.

We had a wonderful time and it was so great to see every one and meet the new little additions to the family.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello Again

Well sorry it has been a while since out last posts. As some of you know the hard drive on my MacBook crashed so I have not posted. Not much new is going on with us. Ben is averaging about 60 hours a week right now with the increase in mail traffic. I have just been keeping busy with chores and my usual work schedule. We got my computer back yesterday and were excited to video conference with Mom and Dad Harbour out in Va. Beth and Derek (along with Charlotte) were also out there to watch various Montana Grizz championship football games so we got to see our beautiful niece and her big eyes.

I highly recommend Skype for families who have internet access and a web cam - if both parties use the Skype application to video conference the call is free. I love being able to see my family every week.

Ok off my soapbox -

Well I would love to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as it is just around the corner and travel safely if you are heading out for the holidays.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Update

Hello all.
Well so just thought I'd put a little note in about our week. On Sunday Ben and I spoke in church on thanksgiving and eternal families. The talks went well but I always feel like when I talk I zone out and forget what I was doing. 80) Ben is a really good speaker and did a very good job.

Yesterday we also got called to teach primary CTR 7 starting in Jan. It will be interesting to see how we hold up as teachers.

Other than that not much going on. We are gonna set up some Christmas stuff this week and just get ready to welcome 2009 in next month.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am this game....

You Are Boggle

You are an incredibly creative and resourceful person.

You're able to dig deep and think outside the box to get things done.

You are a non linear thinker. You don't like following directions

You draw your inspiration from the strangest places sometimes. You're constantly inspired.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello all,
Well not much has been happening but we got some exciting news today as my wonderful Sister -in-law Beth started contractions today. Her due date was Nov 12th and hopefully little Charlotte will great us any time now.

Below are some flowers my neighbor brought me (it is awesome having a friend who works in a flower shop). Apparently the flower store only allows flowers to stay in the cooler for a allotted number of days before the are "expired". Then the flowers would just get thrown out so they let the employees take them home. Alaieda brought theses up to me the other day because she and her husband already have a few arrangements. 80)

So that is about it. Ben and I are just getting excited to head up to Montana next week to see all the family and hopefully our new Niece.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nice Note Today

So today I got a nice thank you note from a patient. Not sure if you can read it, it says how this patient was in the hospital with an NG (nasogastric) tube in place. Yes as you think it is a tube we insert through the nose, thread through the sinuses, down the throat and into the stomach when some one has been nauseated and vomiting for a number of days (sorry if that grossed any of you out). Any whoooo his grand kids were coming in to visit him and they are very young. He was concerned about them being scared and not understanding what was happening to grandpa. As a distraction we improvised and made him into an elephant (well hey the trunk was already in place). We improvised and used oxygen tubing and some plastic absorptive squares (chux) to make ears. We used cast netting to cover his tube and turn it into a trunk.

I remember seeing my Grandpa Harbour when he was sick and not understanding why he looked different so I was happy to help.

It is not always the guts medical happenings that make me love nursing, it is also the way I get to be a small part of so many peoples lives 80) and hopefully touch them for the better.

Now on a much lighter note! For halloween ben and I did not do much. Here were my personal treats. yummy !

It is hard to wear any extravagant costumes at work so all of us who were working decided to do something with our hair. Some wore ears, one spray painted her hair and this is what I did. I got some cheep tarantulas and used them as hair accents. 80)

And last but not least our newest addition to our apartment. We had the cheep square piece of glass below the lights as a light fixture in our room. We have managed to break about 4 of them when fluffing our down comforter. We decided to upgrade and get something we hopefully can not break. Ben is my handyman and got this installed in about 30 minutes. I love him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Gift Today

Today my neighbor called me and let me know I would get a free rose today. She works at Jimmys Floral on Washington Blvd and they change the name on their sign every day. Apparently they have a name board where you can submit a name to be posted, she submitted mine when she started working there.

I never thought I would see my name up there for a free rose.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Floors!

Well as promised here are some pics of the flooring we installed this weekend.

Still in the package just waiting in the living room. You have to let the boards acclimate for where they will be installed.

Here Ben is getting out the last bit of carpet. The floors down are the original ones and in the pic they look good but not so much in person. 80)

The hall without carpet, we think the wood must have been in really bad condition here because they tore it all out.

Our poor bedroom during the construction phases. Needless to say it was a tight squeeze.

Same story in the kitchen.

Ben not wanting me to take a picture but i did anyways. The only piece we could not move out of the room was the desk so we worked around it.

The green stuff is the underlay material so the floors are not so noisy. It also helps level out the ground from any small imperfections.

Due to the bad weather we had to have the table saw inside, we decided all the sawdust could be easier contained in the bathroom. I did all cutting with the saw cause some how Ben got dropped off the insurance.

Almost there!!! This was about halfway, we were getting so close.

Finally the finished product!! We still have to lay the hallway but the living room is all done and we think it looks really great. Total time was about 12hrs but not bad. I will total up the cost when I have a chance but I know we came in under $300 but I think maybe even under $250.

At last the 11 inches of snow that fell saturday night and all morning sunday. 80)
Hope you all enjoy. love ya -Ben and Sarina

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sorry it has been over a week from out last post. It was a busy weekend with work and well mainly work. 80) Ben and I bought our laminate flooring and hauled it upstairs. Now we are looking forward to installing it this weekend. We just hope we don't get snowed out. Yeah that's right! It is sup to drop to 47 degrees this saturday (Bens Birthday!) and snow possibly reaching down to the valley.

My good friend Sarah Hendrickson and her husband closed on their house on Monday -CONGRATS TO YOU- so we have started the destruction. It is a sweet old house that has not been updated since the ohhhhhhh early 60's. We primed, tore out and painted the first of the house last night and I look forward to may fun times with my friends in their new house.

I promise to take pics of our work and I think we are in for a fun weekend, no seriously. 80)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

feeling uky

Well hello again,
Just thought I would say hello. As many of you know I got really sick tuesday night. I thought I was feeling better and for the most part am however I have this nagging nausea. I am frustrated!!! I hate feeling icky!!! I am gonna go to the health food store tonight and but some ginger chews to see if they help.
Right now tafton is sleeping on the couch and will prob wake up soon. 80) He is a little sweetheart.....well most of the time. He has started teething and can be a little grump at times also. Thankfully he is so chunky and cute it is hard to get frustrated with him for long. Plus he is easily distracted.
Well love you all and hopefully the ginger chews will work and kick the last bit of this nausea to the curb.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello All

Well I wish we had some earth shattering wonderful amazing news......but nope. Just life as usual here. This morning I am up and trying to make it to our first choir practice, I thought it was odd but apparently ours disbands during summer. ?? Oh well. Ben and I got a great deal on some lamps yesterday! We were at Lowes and they had a 4 piece (1 floor, 2 table and 1 accent) lamp set on sale from $84 for $37. We attempted to by them but they kept ringing up at $88. We went back to the price tag a few times and then had an associate help us. They were in fact the wrong set and were supposed to be $88 but because someone had also stocked two other sets there that matched ours they had to give us the sale price of $37.40.

---I know our lives are so exciting!!! but hey we are happy so that is all that matters--

Anyway. We came home cause I was pretty grumpy from not eating at that point, 80) we got some Taco Bell and hung out. We had Bens sis and hubby come over, our neighbors come up and we watched a dvd on our BluRay player that is in the PlayStation 3 (if i didn't post yet that is what Ben got for his next 4 presents).

Hope ya'll have a great sunday and I will post photos tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well hello all.
I just wanted to say hi and write a quick update from last week. Today I went shopping and spent some of my B.Day money. I stopped by Down East Outfitters which those of you who shop there already know about their shirts. They just have great long length, higher scoop neck basic shirts. I bought about 5 of them today (good thing they are only about $10 each) for great easy outfits. I am feeling much better and my cold is almost gone, I can breath again!

Well all, have a great week !!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Birthday continued.......

So before I told Ben I don't need presents on my birthday but I do always need a cake. 80) It is just that part that makes the day a little more special. So Ben got home from work tonight with my present which is a BaByliss Pro ceramic 1900 watt hair dryer and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. 80) He also stopped and got me some popsicles for my sore throat. I really am a lucky girl who found a wonderful guy. 80) (steph I know you will make a gaging noise/motion at the above statement but hey I have to make sure you gag reflex is still working somehow 80) )

My Birthday!!!

Well today is my birthday and I was lucky enough to see my Daddy today. He had to come into town for a funeral. Then we got to have dinner and veg out a little before he headed back to Cali. I don't look too great cause I am having HORRIBLE allergies and got about two hours of sleep last night. I also went into work for some extra meetings today.

Then before dad got here today I climbed my stairs to find these waiting on my door step. 80) They are beautiful!!! Thank you so much, they have orchids, lilies, gerber daises, dragon snaps, roses, carnations and many more.

This last pic is from this weekend. As many of you know regular season started Thursday for the NFL and this weekend was packed with games. On Sat ben's lil brother came over and we had a healthy lunch of hot wings and potatoes wedges while we watched some college games too.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little about this week

Hello all. So this is the blog I have started for Ben and I to post things on. I don't love the background but I am having trouble putting one on that I do love.

Any how here is a little about what happened this week.

Tuesday and Thursday I got to babysit Tafton.

On Friday I finally got a project done I had wanted to do for a while. The below picture frames started out with boring gray interiors. The small square was a darker gray and the larger was a light gray. I bought $2 worth of craft paper and made these. They tie in all the colors in out living room. Now I just have to get all the pics to go in them.

After I got done with those I realize why I don't do many crafts. They took just under four hours to get done and hung on the wall.

Well that is just about all we did this week.