Sunday, June 14, 2009

Productive weekend

Yes it was, a productive weekend that is. Ben and I were able to go over to Ben and Megan Passeys (Megan is one of Bens lil sisters) house and continue to help them prep their house. We helped them paint some more and even pull carpet out of a room to discover hardwood floors underneath. When we got home we needed to rearrange our living room so we could fit Bens recliner in the room.

No we did not go buy a recliner, it was free!!!! Don and Charissa (Charissa is one of Bens older sisters) who currently live in Cumberland,Md told Ben a while ago that if he could find a way to get the recliner here to Utah he could have it. Ben took a lot of time researching how much it would cost to ship the thing and decided he would wait to figure out some other way. John his little brother graduated from high school this year and took a cross country trip with his parents to see Charissa and her family, also Jessica(also a Keeffer sister) and her family in North Carolina. They happened to take the minivan which left plenty of open space for ......the recliner.
Our living room basically rotated 90 degrees. We have limited space so there weren't a lot of options.
Here is Ben relaxing for the first time in his chair.

Here is the living room now. The TV is in the right hand corner that you don't see.

After all of that Ben, Megan, their lil guy Tafton, and John came over to watch a movie in the newly arranged room. Tafton has been giving mom and dad a run for their money when they try to change his diaper, it is usually a two person attack tactic. Here he was trying to make a get away, first mom caught him (not shown) then dad finally got him.