Friday, March 13, 2009

Wild Hair

Sorry it has been a while from out last post.

We have seen a lot of people in the past few weeks. We were able to travel out to DC/MD area for Treys baptism, last night one of my best friends and her hubby were in town from Washington state and stayed with us in our lil apartment. Now I have just booked a ticket to fly up to Montana tomorrow to visit my sisters, brother, in laws and lil niece. I'm excited and this time I will take my camera so I can capture some photos. I could not believe that I have not taken any pictures for a while, not like me at all.

Last night was a lot of fun, Christine and Josh came up to stay with us. Christine and I went out to eat sushi while Josh went with Ben to play some basketball. I wish they could of stayed longer but they had to get home to wash come clothes before they head out to Cali for a beach stay.

I do have to say sorry to Katie cause I will miss her Baby shower but I'll drop off my gift with Meg.

I'm so excited now!!! I have been missing my siblings. SEE YA SOON!