Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello all. So sorry that it has been so long- about 1 1/2 years, wooooooo. Well we have had a baby! I think all of you who read this know that fact but I just thought that I'd finally give this an update. So as you all know Elizabeth was born Nov 21st 2011. She was 4lb 12oz and abt 20in tall. We just took her for her 4 month apt and she is up to 11lb 13oz and 24in tall. Here are some of our favorite photos of our lil girl.
Her when she was new born- when we brought her home she was 4lb 2oz
Her in her car seat now- pic prob taken at 10lbs. She is getting so big! Ok now here are some more random photos from the first few months of her life.
Just born!
Looking at Auntie Stephie after just being born
After her baby blessing on Christmas Day.
Another one in her blessing outfit
Watching basketball with her Dad and Uncle John, she really loves watching sports on tv.