Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello All

Well I wish we had some earth shattering wonderful amazing news......but nope. Just life as usual here. This morning I am up and trying to make it to our first choir practice, I thought it was odd but apparently ours disbands during summer. ?? Oh well. Ben and I got a great deal on some lamps yesterday! We were at Lowes and they had a 4 piece (1 floor, 2 table and 1 accent) lamp set on sale from $84 for $37. We attempted to by them but they kept ringing up at $88. We went back to the price tag a few times and then had an associate help us. They were in fact the wrong set and were supposed to be $88 but because someone had also stocked two other sets there that matched ours they had to give us the sale price of $37.40.

---I know our lives are so exciting!!! but hey we are happy so that is all that matters--

Anyway. We came home cause I was pretty grumpy from not eating at that point, 80) we got some Taco Bell and hung out. We had Bens sis and hubby come over, our neighbors come up and we watched a dvd on our BluRay player that is in the PlayStation 3 (if i didn't post yet that is what Ben got for his next 4 presents).

Hope ya'll have a great sunday and I will post photos tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well hello all.
I just wanted to say hi and write a quick update from last week. Today I went shopping and spent some of my B.Day money. I stopped by Down East Outfitters which those of you who shop there already know about their shirts. They just have great long length, higher scoop neck basic shirts. I bought about 5 of them today (good thing they are only about $10 each) for great easy outfits. I am feeling much better and my cold is almost gone, I can breath again!

Well all, have a great week !!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Birthday continued.......

So before I told Ben I don't need presents on my birthday but I do always need a cake. 80) It is just that part that makes the day a little more special. So Ben got home from work tonight with my present which is a BaByliss Pro ceramic 1900 watt hair dryer and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. 80) He also stopped and got me some popsicles for my sore throat. I really am a lucky girl who found a wonderful guy. 80) (steph I know you will make a gaging noise/motion at the above statement but hey I have to make sure you gag reflex is still working somehow 80) )

My Birthday!!!

Well today is my birthday and I was lucky enough to see my Daddy today. He had to come into town for a funeral. Then we got to have dinner and veg out a little before he headed back to Cali. I don't look too great cause I am having HORRIBLE allergies and got about two hours of sleep last night. I also went into work for some extra meetings today.

Then before dad got here today I climbed my stairs to find these waiting on my door step. 80) They are beautiful!!! Thank you so much, they have orchids, lilies, gerber daises, dragon snaps, roses, carnations and many more.

This last pic is from this weekend. As many of you know regular season started Thursday for the NFL and this weekend was packed with games. On Sat ben's lil brother came over and we had a healthy lunch of hot wings and potatoes wedges while we watched some college games too.