Saturday, October 31, 2009


So we have successfully moved completely into our house! Things have been busy so we haven't taken many pictures but I promise I will start taking some more.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

moving day #1

Hey all,

So today we started moving!!! Ben and I started out by scavenging for boxes. We started at some of the local grocery stores and when that didn't work we hit the local liquor store (hey the lady at one of the grocery stores told us to go there). Thankfully they had plenty of boxes, now we just don't want our new neighbors to think we are boozers.

So our moving crew consisted of Ben, Me, Megan (one of bens lil sisters) and Ben Passey, John (ben's lil brother), Matt (bens older bro) and Val, and one of our downstairs abhors Brad.
Matt was able to borrow his father-in-laws flat bed truck so we moved most of our large furniture today using that. The other stuff we just boxed up in our liquor boxes and moved them over to the house.
We took a Burger King lunch brake and then moved some more.

Towards then end of the move I was able to stay behind at the house with Meg and I started painting our accent wall. It only has the first coat on but I think it looks pretty cool. We are gonna paint the fireplace and change the tile.

A few days ago Meg was over at our house while we were doing some work on it. We were all outside as Ben was cleaning some gutters, Tafton decided to try to climb the ladder. He could only make it to the first rung with out more help but I thought it was a cute photo opp.

We are gonna spend tonight (sat night) and sun night in the apartment, then the first night in our new house will be Mon night after we watch our first Monday Night Football in our new house.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Work on the house

So we have been able to do some more work on the house the past week.
Below is a pic of the carnage that I was able to create after going nuts with the clippers and shovel.

Ben and John finishing up on some work about a week ago.

So today I spent a lot of money buying paint and suff at Lowes. I got to the house and started cleaning and preping to paint. It was amazing how dirty the place was. I just washed the walls, baseboards, molding and it was amazing how much dirt I cleaned off of them. Most of the walls in the house are green, not to knock green but it just is not my fav color. Below is a pic of the bedroom turning from green to a really pretty grey/blue color.

Then here is the front sitting room going from ..... you guessed it green now to a nice light tan color.

I was docked from work tomorrow (we don't have enough patients to keep all the nurses working) so hopefully I can get the living room painted and do another coat in the front sitting room.

work work work ---- we are gonna try to move this saturday and monday!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our first day of yard work

So we closed on our house Friday Oct 9th at 3.30pm!!! We will get the keys Tuesday (the house usually takes 24hrs to record but we had the luck of closing on a holiday weekend). Today Ben and I just couldn't wait anymore so even though we were trespassing today we went in and started yard work.
We saw some interesting things today. So many so that I am just going to list them

1. The biggest harriest spider EVER!! Ben killed it for me and described it as "custard filled"
2. A porcelain cereal bowl.
3. A lid to a round Pyrex bowl
4. Two kinds of Lilac plants (amazingly still labeled)
5. A big pile of rocks we can use to finish a rock path at the side of our house
6. TONS of grape vine!! (one vine climbed two separate trees and was starting to choke them, the trees looked half the fullness they originally were pre vine removal)
7. Various imported Mexican beer cans
8. Various soda and energy drink cans
9. A shoe insole
10. Towels and rags
11. A ton of fuzzy stuff and random pieces of yellow foam
12. The head to an old broom
13. Oh wait..... two more kinds of Lilac for four types total
14. More grape vine!!!

I might of forgot to list some tupper-ware (sp?) that we found also but I think that covered most of the random items we found.

I didn't take pics yet but I promise to start photo documentation of the destruction and reconstruction of things.

I know that list makes our sweet little house sound like a pile of junk but I promise it isn't. We just think that two families ago were people who cared for this little house and then unfortunately the last family who lived there did not care at all. Thankfully we now have this wonderful place and we are gonna pour lots of blood, sweat and I am sure some tears into this place.

Let the work begin-----------