Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hoping to close this week.

So for those of you who don't know we are in the process of buying a house. It has been fairly quick seeing as how a month ago we weren't thinking we were gonna move for a while. Wed our home inspector is going through and then hopefully we will be able to close at the end of this week or early next week. We don't think the reality has really set in yet that we are buying a home. Crazy!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am a slacker

Hello once again. Like usual it has been a long time since I have posted. Ben and I have had a busy couple of weeks with family and getting some new things started. Becca Bens little sister got married a couple of weeks ago so some family came in from out of town (Charissa and her little girl Leah from Md).

Then we were able to drive up to Nampa, Id and have a weekend with Ben's Grandpa and Grandma. Ben's gpa competes in various senior Olympics and we were able to go with him for his basketball event where he won a gold metal.

While in Nampa I bought some new running shoes and I am trying to get them broken in before I kill myself.. oops I mean before I do my half marathon in Dec.

We got home and settled from Idaho when Megan (Bens other little sister) had her second baby Mikaela! She is so little compared to the big kid that her 16 month old is. She is a beautiful little girl who we are excited to see grow up.

As Megan was recovering in the hospital John (bens little brother) got his mission call in the mail - it must of been one they were certain of because it only took one week. He is going to the DC South mission! I called my parents because they live in Falls Church, VA which is in the mission John will be going (he goes in Dec 2)

The next news is that Ben and I are looking for a house. We have been talking and shooting around the idea. We figured we are ready and we should move before the tax credit runs out. Right now we love one house on the East Bench in Ogden and today we are going to look at a few in Roy and Washington Terrace. We have discovered we are not afraid to make quick decisions, we started out with about 45 houses to look at between the above areas. We have been driving around looking at the outside and more importantly to both of us the neighborhoods. We now have that list down to about 5, 4 of which we get to look inside of today and the list will prob get much shorter.

When we make a decision you can gaurentee there will be photos!! We have already bombarded our close friends and family with plenty of them for the house on the East Bench area.

Sorry again for the long time- no post. I'll try to be better.