Tuesday, July 21, 2009

trip to denver

So last weekend I took a semi impromptu trip to Denver with two of my High School friends. Sarah (the blond one) called me a few weeks prior and asked if I wanted to go to Denver with her as she tried out for American Idol. We ended up roping in one of our other friends Angela to go with us. We drove into Denver,Co on Sat and got settled in.
Sunday was the first day of registration. It was very interesting to see some of the audition process as it is very different from what you see on TV. So Sunday we went and got lined up at Mile High Staduim. They opened up the parking gates at 3am- we went and got lined up at about 5am. We were expecting to be sitting outside till about 12 but we got registered and our tickets at about 8am.

Just lined up and waiting.

So here we are with our arm bands- The orange means you were trying out and the blue was for your designated supporter.

We were surprised to be processed so fast as the line was about 3/4 around the stadium when we got lined up. We ended up driving around Denver and getting a little acquainted with the surroundings. Those wonderful armbands they put on us, we had to keep them in place and dry until Tuesday.

-We have more photos to come----

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not much happening

Hello all,
So I haven't posted in a bit cause Ben and I have just kinda been chugging through normal life. Tonight we went out for dinner and then stopped by Albertsons to get some pie (we figured we could get a whole one for the same price as a slice at the restaurant) when I saw these cool roses. Ben bought them for me 80) - I really am such a lucky girl!! I just don't remember ever seeing yellow and red roses. Soooo yeah sorry there is not more news.