Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Gift Today

Today my neighbor called me and let me know I would get a free rose today. She works at Jimmys Floral on Washington Blvd and they change the name on their sign every day. Apparently they have a name board where you can submit a name to be posted, she submitted mine when she started working there.

I never thought I would see my name up there for a free rose.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Floors!

Well as promised here are some pics of the flooring we installed this weekend.

Still in the package just waiting in the living room. You have to let the boards acclimate for where they will be installed.

Here Ben is getting out the last bit of carpet. The floors down are the original ones and in the pic they look good but not so much in person. 80)

The hall without carpet, we think the wood must have been in really bad condition here because they tore it all out.

Our poor bedroom during the construction phases. Needless to say it was a tight squeeze.

Same story in the kitchen.

Ben not wanting me to take a picture but i did anyways. The only piece we could not move out of the room was the desk so we worked around it.

The green stuff is the underlay material so the floors are not so noisy. It also helps level out the ground from any small imperfections.

Due to the bad weather we had to have the table saw inside, we decided all the sawdust could be easier contained in the bathroom. I did all cutting with the saw cause some how Ben got dropped off the insurance.

Almost there!!! This was about halfway, we were getting so close.

Finally the finished product!! We still have to lay the hallway but the living room is all done and we think it looks really great. Total time was about 12hrs but not bad. I will total up the cost when I have a chance but I know we came in under $300 but I think maybe even under $250.

At last the 11 inches of snow that fell saturday night and all morning sunday. 80)
Hope you all enjoy. love ya -Ben and Sarina

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sorry it has been over a week from out last post. It was a busy weekend with work and well mainly work. 80) Ben and I bought our laminate flooring and hauled it upstairs. Now we are looking forward to installing it this weekend. We just hope we don't get snowed out. Yeah that's right! It is sup to drop to 47 degrees this saturday (Bens Birthday!) and snow possibly reaching down to the valley.

My good friend Sarah Hendrickson and her husband closed on their house on Monday -CONGRATS TO YOU- so we have started the destruction. It is a sweet old house that has not been updated since the ohhhhhhh early 60's. We primed, tore out and painted the first of the house last night and I look forward to may fun times with my friends in their new house.

I promise to take pics of our work and I think we are in for a fun weekend, no seriously. 80)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

feeling uky

Well hello again,
Just thought I would say hello. As many of you know I got really sick tuesday night. I thought I was feeling better and for the most part am however I have this nagging nausea. I am frustrated!!! I hate feeling icky!!! I am gonna go to the health food store tonight and but some ginger chews to see if they help.
Right now tafton is sleeping on the couch and will prob wake up soon. 80) He is a little sweetheart.....well most of the time. He has started teething and can be a little grump at times also. Thankfully he is so chunky and cute it is hard to get frustrated with him for long. Plus he is easily distracted.
Well love you all and hopefully the ginger chews will work and kick the last bit of this nausea to the curb.