Monday, April 19, 2010

more yard updates

Sorry if these posts aren't super exciting for everyone, they are for me!!! Just did another circle of the yard this Sunday in hopes of seeing some tulips (the ones at the church just two 4 blocks away are in bloom) but nothing yet -

They are getting sooooooo close. I think we are gonna see some red ones cause there is a slight hint of orange or red on the edges. Also sorry about the dandelion in the corner there- he he he.

We do have some beautiful spring time blooms on our apricot tree.

Here is a little sad looking rose bush I almost pulled out last fall but decided to leave in and see what happened. Surprise - there is some new growth.

And a new update on my lilac progress - we have so many in the yard i can't wait for them all to bloom. It is gonna look so pretty.

Also .. I have had multi requests from some family for a post about the lay out of our house so I am gonna do that later this week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I felt it..... did you?

So I don't know if you guys felt it but today we got a little residual tremor from an earthquake near by. I was hanging out on the couch when it hit, Ben was standing up in the kitchen so he didn't feel it. It wasn't real big but it scared me that the BIG earthquake we keep hearing is destined to hit the Wasatch front is gonna get here sooner than later. I keep hoping for later.

Even though I knew that feeling (when we were young kids we were in the Northridge quake in Ca) cause you don't ever forget it. It is always nice to have some reassurance.

Here is the official website. Our little quake.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our new treadmill

ye haaa - I'm so excited for this new treadmill. Most of you know that I completed a half marathon this last December in Las Vegas. I am sad to say that my short break after that race has become a two - three month long break. So now to help me squash that cycle and give me no excuses for not getting some good cardio in 6 days a week. We have two different "scratch and dent" exercise stores in our area- we found this treadmill at one of the stores for about $140 less than the competitor.

Thankfully I have my wonderful sister in town who has a Tahoe so we could get this monstrous thing home. We started to unload it when Ben really started to question my upper arm strength. So we rested it on our garbage can while Ben enlisted one of our new neighbors for some help lowering it onto the driveway.

Once down we had to disassemble it a bit as our doorways are small.

We hauled it inside, put it back together and.....

viola -

We also decided that we needed to rearrange the guest room/ exercise room a bit so we took some time out of our weekend to get it settled. I am excited to get movin' on it tomorrow.

-I also took another survey of the yard today while talking to my mom and dad - there is some progress and I will photo document it in a few days.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the craziness that is utah

So look at the post just previous to this - flowers blooming, sun shining......

then we got a rain storm.. that turned into..

Which turned into 7-8 inches of it in the morning. Good ol' Utah - you just never know what it is gonna throw at you.

The plows even had to run this a.m. to clear off the streets.