Monday, March 29, 2010

Photos from last week

So not a whole lot new going on. We finally have some sign of flowering life in the yard- there are these two random little purple flowers that popped up in the middle of the lawn. All the stuff that I posted on last week looks about the same - ugh- I want flowers!!!

I am just going out every few days scanning the yard hoping for some more. The lilacs are putting out more buds and I am getting really excited for those.

This weekend my nephew came and spent some more time with us - here I was drying my hair in my turban-ish towel style. He thought it looked pretty cool and wanted one too. I wrapped up his head in a hand towel and he wore it for a while.

also - I had to go to the eye dr today and they dilated the heck out of my eyes so it is hard for me to see so sorry for any typo's.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More photos......

So here are some photos from the past weeks.........

My sister Saundra emailed me this great blog/website Smitten Kitten I love it and gave this recipe a try. It was very yummy and I will be making it again for sure.

The week prior I also decided to make some more cupcakes. I decided to give the frosting that gave steph and I so much grief another go (swiss meringue buttercream) and I conquered it!!!! I was so proud - but as a trade off my caramel for the cupcake centers did not turn out. sad.

Last Wed we got our dining room table. We had already purchased the chairs from another furniture store during one of their sales (may I add for an awesome deal thanks to my hubby). We then had to shop for a table to match the chairs - a bit backwards but oh well. We found a great table at a small store north of Ogden. Even though it was the last weekend in Feb when we found it, they were still having their "Presidents Day" sale- he he he.
We were a bit afraid that the table wouldn't fit or the chairs wouldn't match but we love it and thankfully the chairs match and it fits the space perfectly.

This past weekend we had our nephew Tafton come stay with us (and it turned out tobe a good thing cause his poor mom got hit with some bad kidney stones and his dad had to work a bunch)
Tafton had a lot of fun with his Uncle - we opened up the grill for the first time this year and grilled some steaks.

We also explored our yard to see what was going on and we also started some long needed clean up of the back yard.

We found some new growth on our lilacs

it also looks like we have some type of spring bulbs that are popping up in various places

it will be nice to have some flowers show up so I can really figure out what the heck they are

Then after a long day of playing and eating (life for a kid is so hard) a bubble bath to round it out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lots of photos

Well maybe not a ton but for sure some updates!!! So the past month has been busy -

-Steph my oldest sister is married!!! Congrats to her and her new hubby (mike). I am excited to have some of the Harbour clan here in Ogden with me. HE HE HE
-My good friend from work Chelsea is preggers so I threw an awesome baby shower for her with an (if I do say so myself) impressive spread of cupcakes that Steph and I make from scratch.
-I painted my fireplace!!!

I didn't grab any pics from the wedding cause I was too busy fussing over Steph (which was so much fun, all of us are so great at giving directions but not that great at taking direction)

So first pics from the baby shower - I really got a crafty nerve for this one. Ever since we first found out Chels was preg we were planning on doing a shower at our house so I had a long time to get excited for it. I occasionally love to bake and came up with the bright idea to do cupcakes and in my true nature I could not do just one kind no - I had to do seven. Thankfully my sister now lives in Ogden and I recruted her to help me.

Here we are - so gorgeous in our baking garb - trying not to eat the cupcakes

they were so good, these ones were mini chocolate -salted caramel filled. Yummy!! I did not take a pic of the first batch of caramel that I burned beyond creation - literally it looked like bubbling black tar. Not yummy.
- PS saundi - steph said I need to perfect the caramel recipe so I can mail you some salted caramels -

Then one day at work a fellow nurse (chau) and I were talking about fun gifts and we brought up diaper cakes. I had seen another person at the hospital get one from someone who had made it at home so I figured if they can do it, so can I!

So I did!! The plastic in the photo you will understand a few pics down. - So cute! Yeaaaa me.

So here are some pics of the final spread. There were white cupcakes with multi colored frosting, raspberry cheesecakes, devils food with chocolate ganache (sp?), strawberry with whipped cream frosting, the mini chocolate salted caramel ones, ....

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and german chocolate. Cheslea made some chicken salad and fruit salad to add to the spread. I also made a really good punch.

The gals from work and some friends came to the shower (chelsea is the one in the polka dot shirt in front of the tv)

So the other project that I mentioned was my fireplace. I love the hearth but I hated the pink terra cotta tiles on it. Maybe if we lived in New Mexico, Cali, Arizona and/or it fit with the house but I just felt it did not. So I updated it.

This is a pic of the living room when I started painting before we moved in. I took the pic before I painted the hearth white but that happened right after the pic was snapped. The green that is on the hearth in the pic was the old color of the room.

So because I didn't want to try my hand at tiling quite yet I decided to spray paint. That is right - I got a special primer for porous surfaces, primed it and then used a textured spray paint in a light tan color. It still needs a few more coats for the perfect finish but I think it looks so much better.

Our modern fireplace - I love it and I got to light the candles tonight for the first time. So pretty.