Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm officially 27

Hello all - So less than a month and I'm posting- go me! As most of you know yesterday was my 27th b day. woo hoo! another year has passed, crazy. So to get away fir a few days one of my best friends and I went to Park City Ut for a few days. We stayed in a great room with two bedrooms, a kitchen and ...... our very own hot tub! It was so great. We got some good shopping in, had some great massages and ate great food. It was lots of fun.
Other than that this past month had just been the norm with us working, doing small home repairs and hanging out with friends.
I don't know if i mentioned this earlier but Ben bought me/ well us a wii a few months ago and we started playing mario kart that we borrowed from Ben and Megan (my sis and brother in law) we got addicted to it so we got it used and have almost mastered it. Well i should say Ben has almost mastered it. I get quite frustrated sometimes , most times and have to take a breather.
We are looking into starting to remodel some of the house next year. I am getting excited for looking forward to it.
Well honestly that is about it. I will try to find more to post so I can post more often.

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Nanette said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. :)