Tuesday, June 8, 2010

potted plants and...

So the past few weeks we have been staying busy, most recently we went to Lowes to get some stuff for potted plants cause I wanted to bring some color to our deck. We ended up walking out of Lowes with stuff for 6 containers of plants, a large container for tomatoes my grandma sent home with us, also a new refrigerator and dishwasher.

Yeah unexpected but oh so awesome.

So our two year anniversary was May 24th, we went out to visit my Grandma Harbour in California. We stopped in Reno for a night which was fun. While there Grandma grabbed some little tom plants that she was going to throw away so Steph and I could give them a try growing them. That is kinda the whole thing that triggered the potted plant thing.

So here are my pots - Promise the tomatoes look much improved now, they were a bit tired from the trip.

So as I was looking at plants, ben ran and looked at appliances. We ended up getting a screaming good deal cause they were having a sale for memorial day, then we got an extra 10% off so we got about 40& off the regular price. We are lucky cause it fits in the kitchen but it is a tad big for the space but we think it will look better after we remodel.
(I haven't cleaned is from when it was installed so it looks smudgy with fingerprints)


Charissa & Don Bishop said...

How exciting! I love to pretend like I know what I am doing when it comes to flowers, but it is fun to play in the dirt! So jealous of your fridge too!

Michelle said...

Our fridge is big for our kitchen too and we joke that we should store our cereal boxes in it since there is more space in there then in the cupboards.