Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I am pretty excited about my post today. I just got done building my fist, very own retaining wall (I have built plenty with my mom but this one is for me). Every since we moved in I have disliked the plants in the front of the house, so I decided finally to do something about it. I also disliked how the flower bed slopped down and just kinda fell off. We do live on a hill but I like things level.

First came the decision process, in the store I thought I would like the smallest blocks the best, then I thought the tan/pink ones might look nice. Then I decided that I really liked the gray ones the best at the last minute - he he he-

So I had to go pick them up, hall them back and build!!! I started this morning at about 11am after Ben went to work. I had to make a couple trips to the nursery cause I forgot some stuff but now I'm done. Woo hoo. - yeah I'm pretty excited about it-

The only thing I'm not too excited for is doing this to the other side. It is twice as big.

So here it is.

The plants are sunburst coreopsis, dual color gaillardia, and snowcap shasta daisies.

The flowers look a little droopy cause I just watered them so the petals are weighed down. I'll get a better pic in a couple days when they perk up.


Sarah Moran said...

That looks so great! We've been wanting to build a wall for a spot in our backyard. Was it hard? do you need cement? Great job!

Becca said...

It looks really great good job!